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And pendants once again 🙂

Frozen flower

Pendant “Frozen flower” made of silver nad rock krystal.

Sleeping sun

Pendant “Sleeping sun” made of silver and silverplated base, goldstone.


Pendatnt “Astarte” made of silver and silverplated base, amber.


Pendant “talizman” made of silverplated base and chalcedony.


Earings :)

I like earings and I made them often


Earnigs “Gothic” made of silver and granate. They are mine 😀

Ice Queen

Earings “Ice Queen” made of silver and glass.

Promyk slonca

Earings “Promyk slonca” made of silver plated base, silver beads, amber.

Elficki sen

Earings “Elficki sen” made of silver plated wire, silver beads and aventurine.