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That was a long absence

Zirccons in my jewelry 🙂

Zimowy Poranek – zirccon ( 2 briolettes, and 6 little on the ear hooks) and silver 🙂

Zimowy poranek

Fire – silver and zirccons

Fiolkowe – zirccons, amethyst (rondells) and silver 🙂


Sunrays – silver and zirccons 🙂 Swarovski crystals for a background


Hope you like it.

Wire wrapping free tutorial


Earings with chains

Zielona wrozka / Green Fairy 🙂
Do you like absinth ;]

Green amethyst, oliwine, silver 🙂

Click on the photos! Than you see the bigest shots!

Amethis pink ametshyt and sliver 🙂

Wind – blue topaz briolette, olivine and apatite round beads, sapphire – faseted rondelle, silver

Kyanite – kyanite and silver


NIE WYRAŻAM zgody na kopiowanie moich prac oraz linkowanie zdjęć mojej biżuterii /

I DON’T give permission for copy my works an hotlinking photos.

Gold Earings

Amaterasu – silver and topaz

Cities of Gold – silver, citrine, topaz

Earings with Swarovski crystals

Earings “Pustynny wiatr” made of silver nad swarovski crystals.

Model – Me 🙂 Photo by Or4x1d

Earings “Avalon” made of silver and Swarovski crystals

My new collection

Set  – earings and pendatnt  “Golden Shadow” – silver nad Swarovski crystals

Earings “Serenity” made of silver, rock crystal nad aquamarine quartz

Earings “Memories” made of silver, rock crystal and citrine.

Earings “Rain Forest” made of silver, apatite, olivine (peridot)

Earings “Serein” made of silver, apatite, aquamarine quartz,

Malinowy chruśniak

Earings made of silver, ruby, granet.

Malinowy chrusniakMalinowy chrusniak


I’m really proud with this earings!


Earings made of:
– silver
– granate
– amethyst qurtz.

Music inspiration -> Within Temptaption “Stand My Ground”



Earings made of :
– silver
– ruby qurtz

Soon you will can find my tutorial where I’ll show how to do earings like this


My new earings 🙂

Now I have time fo making jewlery, 🙂

Earnigs made of silver and citrine .

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