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That was a long absence

Zirccons in my jewelry 🙂

Zimowy Poranek – zirccon ( 2 briolettes, and 6 little on the ear hooks) and silver 🙂

Zimowy poranek

Fire – silver and zirccons

Fiolkowe – zirccons, amethyst (rondells) and silver 🙂


Sunrays – silver and zirccons 🙂 Swarovski crystals for a background


Hope you like it.

Wire wrapping free tutorial


Podaruj mi troche slonca….

Set – Earings nad necklace 😀

Citrine and silver.

Gold Earings

Amaterasu – silver and topaz

Cities of Gold – silver, citrine, topaz

Another silver sets

Sometimes… – earings and necklace. Made of oxidazed silver , green amethyst marquse ( prasolite) and  olivine (peridot)

And my newset work 🙂
Dark Secret – silver, granet nad rubys 🙂 Earings, pendant and bracelet.

Clic on photo – then you see bigest photo.


My newset jewelry 🙂

Jewelry (bracelet + necklace + earings)  made of:
– silver
– aquamarine quartz
– rock crystal
– apatite

I’ve made this with my own hands. Only stones was bought.

There is a lot of hard work and heart in it.

Klik to see bigest wersion 😀

Model – me 😀

Earings with Swarovski crystals

Earings “Pustynny wiatr” made of silver nad swarovski crystals.

Model – Me 🙂 Photo by Or4x1d

Earings “Avalon” made of silver and Swarovski crystals


And pnedant “Water” – made of silver, rock crystal and Swarovski crystal

My new collection

Set  – earings and pendatnt  “Golden Shadow” – silver nad Swarovski crystals

Earings “Serenity” made of silver, rock crystal nad aquamarine quartz

Earings “Memories” made of silver, rock crystal and citrine.

Earings “Rain Forest” made of silver, apatite, olivine (peridot)

Earings “Serein” made of silver, apatite, aquamarine quartz,


Today tiara for Dollfie Doll – Silje


This is not my doll – big thanks for Mio27 for photos on her sweet doll Silje

Check Mio webpage.

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