Earings with chains

Zielona wrozka / Green Fairy 🙂
Do you like absinth ;]

Green amethyst, oliwine, silver 🙂

Click on the photos! Than you see the bigest shots!

Amethis pink ametshyt and sliver 🙂

Wind – blue topaz briolette, olivine and apatite round beads, sapphire – faseted rondelle, silver

Kyanite – kyanite and silver


NIE WYRAŻAM zgody na kopiowanie moich prac oraz linkowanie zdjęć mojej biżuterii /

I DON’T give permission for copy my works an hotlinking photos.


  1. maqda Said:

    Skoro już widzę je w jednym miejscu o jednym czasie, to stwierdzam – Wind najpiękniejsze:))

  2. liz goud Said:

    wow, these earrings are truly gorgeous! i have only a few dangling earrings in my collection since i only wear them during night-outs and special occasions. and this one is definitely worth adding to my collection! i think it will perfectly match my new off-shoulder black dress that I’m planning to wear on my friend’s birthday party. 🙂

  3. Hello Monika,

    just a word to tell tou I made an article about you and another artist on my blog. I called it “My muses”. It’s in french but the translator will do its job. Just tell me if you are ok with it. If not, I’ll delete it… with some sadness, because your are unbeleivingly good at what you do and deserve to be known.

    I follow your work from afar and am delighted by what you do. Be sur my goal is not to copy your work, you are by far in an upper “realm” ! lol



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